PAA Board Members

2017 Board members and officers are:

  • Vikki Rennick, President
  • Vickie Branch, Vice Presidents and Ombudsman
  • Karen Boardman, Treasurer
  • Vacant/Seeking canidate, Corresponding Secretary
  • General Directors
    • Veronica Frink
    • Kristie Marshall
    • Diane Knutson
    • Nancy Beliveau

Board meetings are held monthly.  PAA members are welcome to contact a board member to request to bring an issue before the board for discussion.  Queries related to Facebook and the PAA website should be directed to the Corresponding Secretary (or to Vikki Rennick, until a new C. Secretary is elected).  The Vice President is the organization’s ombudsman and members are encouraged to contact her to with feedback, questions, and/or issues they have related to PAA.


Board meeting, February 2015